WINGS Gold stickered coins sell for 12% MORE than non-stickered coins at the Richard L. Lissner auction

Are Your World Coins Premium Quality
for the Assigned Grade?

Established in 2008, WINGS™ Coins reviews your World Coins, Tokens and Medals that have been certified by PCGS, NGC, ICG, ANACS and ICCS (Canadian Grading Service) to determine if they are Premium Quality for the assigned grade.

We will determine if the World Coin, Token and/or Medal meets our stringent standards to receive the WINGS™ Gold Sticker indicating that the World Coin, token or medal is, in our opinion, of Premium Quality for the assigned grade.

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What Can WINGS™ Do For Your World Coins?

Lance Tchor & Larry Michelson - WINGS Coins

Items that are premium quality for the grade assigned to it by a grading service are generally worth more than the same grade for that item that is not premium quality for that grade.  The WINGS™ Gold Sticker makes it easy for you to identify, in our opinion, whether a certified world coin, token or medal is premium quality for the grade.

Isn’t it time you owned a WINGS™ gold stickered item?  Review our submission process here.


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What the Experts Say About WINGS™ Coins

Larry Hanks
Hanks and Associates, Inc.

Having a WINGS™ verified certification can assist anyone in knowing that they own a premium quality specimen for the assigned grade. This may result in superior prices realized when the coin is sold.”

Mark Teller endorses Wings CoinsM. Louis Teller
M. Lous Teller Numismatic Co.

“I have known Lance Tchor for 35 years. He is very honest and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend his numismatic knowledge. I know him to be an honest and dependable person.”

Bob Paul Praise for Wings CoinsBob Paul
Argent Group

“Very few people know that Lance has dealt in world coins for the last 4 decades. I can’t speak highly enough about his high moral standards and knowledge in this area.”

Ira Goldberg endorses Wings CoinsIra Goldberg
Goldberg Coins & Collectibles

“I have known Lance Tchor for over 3 decades and have always found him to be a true gentleman. He is extremely knowledgable in the field of world coins. He has a superb eye and is well respected throughout the industry.”

Chris Fazio endorses Wings CoinsChris Fazio

Lance Tchor has the best eye in the business. Anyone with a graded world coin should send it to WINGS to see if it is Premium Quality. Premium Quality coins sell for more, plain and simple!”


(see more testimonials here)

WINGS™ founder and finalizer Lance Tchor has been a full time coin dealer since 1977 and is a life member of ANA • FUN • CSNS • GSNA

WINGS™ Stickers Certified World Coins

WINGS™ Coins Stickers Certified World Coins from PCGS, NGC, ICG, ANACS & ICCS


*Based on pre-auction estimates of 2,200 lots and 2,000 lots, of which 600 and 400, were WINGS™ approved at Lissner and Goldberg, respectively.

WINGS™ Coins, LLC was established in 2008. Learn more about us here.

The WINGS™ Gold Sticker does not increase the value of the item.  The value of any coin, token or medal is set by the market and not by WINGS™.

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