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Are Your Graded World & Ancient Coins “Premium Quality” or “Solid For the Grade”?


Established in 2008, WINGS ®(an acronym for World Identification and Numismatic Grading Service). We review World Coins, all Tokens and Medals (foreign and US) and Ancient Coins that have been graded by PCGS, NGC, ICG, ANACS or ICCS (Canadian Grading Service).  If the coin is “Premium Quality” within the assigned grade then, it will receive the WINGS ® Gold Sticker.  If it is “Solid for the Grade” then it will receive the WINGS® Silver Sticker. WINGS ® stickers are Fraud Proof and Tamper Proof.

Only the best coins receive a WINGS ® Gold or Silver Sticker


Submissions for review cost as little as $12.50 per submission. You may increase the market value of your coin, tokens, medals or ancients when it comes time to sell.  Maximize your investment. Make sure your collection only contains the very best.  WINGS ® stickered coins have been shown to bring premiums at auction.  They also provide security against gradeflation.  Protect your investment and collection with WINGS ® .

At the ANA National Money Show in Dallas, CoinWeek Editor Charles Morgan submitted a box of certified world coins to WINGS ®. Were solid or premium for the grade? In this informative video, we find out.WINGS ® founder Lance Tchor sits down with Charles and goes over the results.

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