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Why you Need WINGS ® !

The hobby of Coin Collecting has changed over the years, and for better or worse, we all have to first recognize what changes have taken place, understand how these changes effect us, and then take whatever actions one deems necessary to both protect your investments and maximize your enjoyment of your collection. Here is Why you Need WINGS ®

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Why you Need WINGSloupeThird party coin grading has brought many significant benefits to the hobby of coin collecting, but over the past 30 years, it has also created a dilemma for some. The grading standard of 30 years ago were different than they are now and with the increase in “Market Grading” and the resulting gradeflation, one can often find a large variation in the quality of coins, not only between the major grading services, but within the same assigned grade from the same grading service.

For a seasoned collector this can be both frustrating and concerning, as they may have substantial investments in their coin collection and are looking for some sort of validation that their coins are in fact what the holders say they are. And for new collectors who have not yet acquired the grading skills that come with seeing thousands of coins, they are looking to protect themselves from many of the coins circulating in the marketplace that are Over-graded.

The WINGS ® service addresses all of these concerns and beings added benefits to the owners of World and Ancient coins by giving you both a review of your coins and a sticker or that validation validates that the coins you own are either “Solid for the Grade” (Silver Sticker), or “Premium Quality”(Gold Sticker) for the assigned grade that is marked on the holder.

Here are just a few reasons why you need WINGS ® to review your coins:

  • Identifies your BEST coins when you revive a Gold Sticker
  •  You may want to sell or trade coins that Do NOT sticker to upgrade your collection
  • Protect your investment by verifying  your coins have NOT been over-graded
  • When it comes time to Sell your coins, you will have confidence that you have the very best for the grade.
  • Many WINGS Coins bring Premiums at auction and in the marketplace